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The Best Things in Life are Free.99: Free Museums in NYC

Let me start off by saying that museums are cultural institutions that are worthy of our money. But this is New York and for some of us, after rent and MetroCards, there isn’t a lot of money to go around. Does that mean that going to museums can’t be a poor man’s pastime? Not at all! Several of the city’s museums have free days or pay-what-you-wish/ suggested donation policies. And some museums are straight-up free! Below I’ve compiled a list of as many museums that abide by these policies that I could find so you won’t have to scour the internet the next time you’re in the mood to stop by a museum.

Always Free (or Pay What You Wish or Suggested Donation)


Museums with Free Days/ Hours

Museum free days! (1)Museum free days! (3)Museum free days! (4)Museum free days! (5)Museum free days! (6)Museum free days! (7)Museum free days! (8)

Know of any museums I can add to the list? Let me know in the comments.



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