Here’s How To Make the Most of Your Life in NYC

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I know, I know: After 8+ hours of soul-crushing, lifeforce-draining work, all you want to do is go home, kick your feet up, and spend the rest of the night in front of a screen. And I also know the shorter days and colder weather makes this especially more tempting. But I’m here to remind you that you live in New York City. I won’t go as far as to call it the greatest city on earth but it’s got a lot going on and you’re missing out on it when you go straight home every evening after work. Last week I gave you some ideas of what you can do after work; this week, I’m going to give you some tips on how to motivate yourself to do these things.

TIP #1 : Don’t go home. 

Yeah, it’s that simple. Just don’t go straight home after work. It doesn’t matter where you go but you’re not allowed to darken your doorstep until you’ve done something other than commute home from work. 

What if you have a work uniform you’d rather not be caught wearing anywhere else, or what if you get peckish while you’re out and you don’t want to spend extra money on food? Don’t let these things deter you. There are simple workarounds. Just take some clothes to change into and/or your dinner to work with you. Problem solved.

TIP #2: Lean into FOMO.

Sure, you understand conceptually that there’s a lot going on in NYC, but unless you get the specifics, you won’t really know what you’re missing out on. Luckily, there are plenty of NYC-centered resources ready to fill you in, like Time Out New York and Thrillist. I personally subscribe to The Skint and Brokelyn because they tailor their newsletters to cheapskates like me. 

TIP #3: Get other people involved.

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll go to Central Park after work or that try that new vegan sushi place you heard about, but if you tell other people that you’re going to do these things — or better yet, invite them to join you — you’re more likely to follow through. If you’re the type that needs the eyes of the public on you in order to be held accountable, create a bucket list of things you want to do this season and post it on social media. Don’t forget to give yourself a deadline for each activity!

TIP #4: Contemplate your mortality. 

I know mommy, auntie, and grandma are constantly sharing those “You’ve only got one life. Make the most of it” posts on Facebook but as cliche as those things are, they are right. We’re only running out of time. Every day spent is one you’ll never get back. I’m not saying you have to go all Gatsby every night, but just remember: you’re in New York City. There’s so much to experience. Do you really want to miss out on all of this just to go home to your bed and your computer?

How do you motivate yourself to do something in the city after work? Share what works for you in comments. 

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