What to Expect When Riding NYC’s Buses: 17 Things that Will Irritate You

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Last week we sounded off on NYC’s subway; this week, we’re going after NYC’s buses. If you thought that taking the subway was God’s way of testing your patience, you’ve never experienced the MTA bus. Waiting for, boarding, and even getting off the bus are all come with herculean tasks you’ll have to endure before making it to your destination. That is, if the bus even arrives in the first place.

Honestly, between the bus and the subway, it’s hard to decide which NYC transportation system is more badly in need of an overhaul. Read about both the NYC subway experience and the bus experience and let me know which one gets under your skin more.

Now, without further ado, here are all the things irritating things you’ll have to deal with on an MTA bus:

1. When two buses come at at the same and you miss them both and then the next bus doesn’t come for another 20 minutes.

2. When three limited buses pass you but there’s not a local bus in sight.

3. When the bus you need is going in the opposite direction.

4. When a nebulous mob forms around the bus stop just as the bus arrives.

5. When people don’t respect that you’ve been waiting for the bus longer than they have and they push in front of you to get on the bus.

6. When people don’t have their MetroCard/change ready by the time they get inside the bus and they’re rummaging through their pockets, holding up everyone else behind them.

7. When you say ‘Good morning/afternoon/evening’ to the bus driver and they stare back at you with dead eyes.

8. The amount of time it takes the wheelchair lift to unfurl from the bus. It’s 2020 and we still can’t get this thing to go any faster?

NYC buses, what to expect
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9. When people crowd the front of the bus even though there is room in the back. I promise Rosa Parks won’t think less of you if you move to the back of the bus.

10. When people get mad at you for trying to make your way to the back of the bus like you’re supposed to. Don’t be mad at me for not wanting to be squashed like a sardine.

11. When the bus takes off before you can find a seat so you go flying backward onto poor unsuspecting passengers.

12. When regular riders of the command bus act like the bus has assigned seating. Last time I checked the command buses are still public transit. If you wanted the same seat every morning maybe you should be riding in your own car.

13. When the bus driver says anything through the speakers. Don’t even bother; you’re going to sound like an adult from Charlie Brown no matter how clearly you enunciate.

14. When something is obstructing the bus lane, so the bus has to be in the same lane as the rest of the slow-moving traffic. During rush hour.

15. When you need to get up from the window seat but the person sitting next to you people merely turns to the side instead of getting up so you can pass. Go ahead and stay seated but just know that I’m not responsible for anything that happens as my butt passes your face.

16. When the back door doesn’t open and you have to yell ‘back door’ to the driver.

17. When the bus driver doesn’t hear you yell ‘back door’ and starts to drive away.

What irritates you the most about NYC’s buses? Let me know in the comment section!

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  4. Olive Avatar

    1. Yes. Who makes the schedule? Sometimes four limited #6 come one after the other and then you have to wait 20 minutes for a local. Plain stupid.

    4. No manners. most of the time I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes and they push you because you’re in the right place.

    6. They’re plain stupid idiots. We’re all trying to get to work or some place.

    7. He’s grumpy because he’s either tired first time in the morning or last thing at night. They don’t understand pleasantries.

    I would add
    The people who get on and speak so loud that everyone has to know about their personal life.
    The people who think they’ve paid for two seats.

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