7 NYC Places You Can Visit Via Video

Who says you need to be in New York to get the New York experience? Ideally, it would be best to pound the pavement, taste the pizza, and smell New York’s signature aroma of hot garbage/stale coffee/urine/roasted peanuts #5 in person, but that’s not always possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources to help you bide your time until you can go out and truly experience New York. Here are a few of the NYC places you can visit via video that will leave you feeling like you’ve had a true New York experience.

Grand Central Terminal

Narrated by historian Anthony Robins and New York Times journalist Sam Roberts, this video shows that Grand Central Terminal is anything but a typical train station.

The Plaza Hotel

Architectural Digest strikes gold again with their tour of the ritziest hotel in town. Imagine being quarantined in these opulent digs.

The New York Public Library

The main branch of the NYPL is much more than a library; it’s a work of art. This tour will share the stories contained within this 109-year-old building.

The Brooklyn Bridge

What do you get when you combine a comedian with a tour guide? The most entertaining tour of the Brooklyn Bridge on YouTube.

New York Aquarium

Need to unwind from a stressful week? How about taking a trip to the New York aquarium? It’s just as relaxing via video as it is in person.

The Bronx

If you ever doubted the beauty of the Bronx, this walking tour will leave you enlightened. Prepare to have your perception of this misunderstood borough changed forever.

The Subway

Are you missing your daily commute? Hop on board the 7 train and experience what it’s like to take the “International Express” from Queens into Manhattan.

Do you know of any other NYC places you can visit via video? Share them in the comments!

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