Socrates Sculpture Park: The Art Lover’s Eden

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If you’ve ever been torn between wanting to spend time at an art museum but not wanting to miss out on a gorgeous sunny day, this Queens park might be the answer to your dilemma. Socrates Sculpture Park brings artwork to the outdoors by using its four acres of green space to host large-scale art installations made by artists from around the world. Here’s what to expect when you visit:

Me, wondering if I’m in the right place.

Don’t freak out that you’re in an industrial zone.

Don’t worry about being surrounded by factories and warehouses when you get off the train. You’re in the right place. In fact, until 1986 the park used to be the site of an illegal dumping ground. It’s amazing how NYC reclaims land. But the area is not all machinery and factories; the Noguchi Museum and the Welling Court Mural Project are nearby.

Socrates Sculpture Park
This piece is a work in progress.

Check the website before you go.

The ‘Exhibitions’ page on the Socrates Sculpture Park website lets you know how many pieces are currently on display at the park and which pieces are upcoming. Don’t make the mistake I did and schlep all the way to Long Island City only to find that there is just one completed installation on display. But on the bright side, it is a cool experience watching an artist work on their piece.

Socrates Sculpture Park waterfront view
The view! 😍

There are other things that will catch your eye.

Since the park sits along the Queens coastline, you’ll have a unique view of the East River and Roosevelt Island. As you gaze out at the river ponder one of the “#LetsTalkAtSocrates” questions placed at stands throughout the park. Questions such as “How will the future remember us?” are the sort of food for thought that would have made Socrates the philosopher proud.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or you’re looking for something unique to do outdoors, pay a visit to Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens. Have you ever been to an outdoor art gallery? How was the experience? Share it in the comment section!

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3 responses to “Socrates Sculpture Park: The Art Lover’s Eden”

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    […] Not sure how to reconcile your urge to visit an art museum but still spend the day outdoors? This Long Island City park will check those boxes for you. Plus, it has a hypnotizing view of Midtown Manhattan. But before you go there, make sure to check their website in case the pieces are still under construction. Wouldn’t want to trek all the way to Queens only to find out that only one piece is on view…. Yes, I’m still bitter about it. […]

  2. Lisa Edmondson Avatar
    Lisa Edmondson

    Coincidentally, I rode a citibike from Chelsea across the Queensboro bridge to visit the Socrates sculpture garden last week because I wanted to see the Too Too Big To Ignore pyramid. Like you, I didn’t realize that they were “in between exhibits” so there weren’t as many new pieces to see as I had hoped, but there was a little breeze and quite a few people quietly picnicking in the shade. Thank you for spotlighting this waterfront haven.

  3. O LaMothe Avatar
    O LaMothe

    I hope I have it right regarding Socrates Sculpture Park with the ideal position with Queens coastline the East River and Roosevelt Island who could ask for an thing more.

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