20 Things New Yorkers are Most Afraid Of

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This Halloween I’m not going to talk about ghosts and ghouls (although New York has its fair share of ghost stories). Instead, I’m going to share some things that are far spookier and strike fear in the heart of every New Yorker. Reader beware: here are 20 things New Yorkers are most afraid of!

  • Being pushed onto the subway tracks.

Unfortunately, one of the most plausible fears.

  • Having a bedbug infestation.
  • Getting hit in the face by a showtime performer.
  • Falling through a cellar or a sidewalk grate.
  • The subway tunnel under the East River collapsing as your train is traveling through it.
  • The B, D, N, or Q train derailing while on the Manhattan Bridge.
  • Being trapped on the same subway car as the crazy lady who thinks it’s okay to release live insects on the train.

True story.

  • Having the sidewalk beneath you give out, dropping you into a nasty pit of rats.

Another true story.

  • Missing your stop because the bus or train is so crowded that people can’t/won’t move out of your way.
  • Losing a rent-controlled apartment.
  • Being crushed by falling scaffolding or an unsecured air conditioner.
  • Mysterious air conditioner liquid falling from the sky into your eyes/mouth.
  • Getting rained on by the even more mysterious subway liquid.
  • Being trapped in a conversation with a volunteer from Amnesty International/Greenpeace/insert do-good organization with the only way out being signing up to give them monthly donations.
  • A nearsighted pigeon flying into your face.
  • Being priced out of your neighborhood.

Did this list leave you with chills too? What do you think of these things New Yorkers are most afraid of? Let me know which thing would be your worst NYC nightmare in the comments section! 

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3 responses to “20 Things New Yorkers are Most Afraid Of”

  1. Manishambaliya Avatar

    Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

  2. Joana Avatar

    I felt the Subway fears so deep!! I literally stand wayyyyy away from the yellow line, just in case. The fear of falling onto the tracks is so strong. 😂

  3. O LaMothe Avatar
    O LaMothe

    I do agree with you regarding the twenty things you identified as spooky. As long as I live I will never feel differently about them .Spooky indeed!

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