5 NYC Things You’ve Probably Been Sleeping On This Past Month: NYC Monthly Favorites

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At the end of each month, I depart from my usual content of sharing NYC tips and trivia to share some of my favorite New York things from the past month. I know it veers into lifestyle influencer territory, but don’t worry, everything I talk about will be related to New York City. So, if you’re willing to indulge me, let’s go into my NYC monthly favorites for September 2022.

Favorite NYC Eatery of the Month: Shelsky’s of Brooklyn

If you don’t have five years to wait in the line at Katz on the Lower East Side, pop over to Shelsky’s of Brooklyn over in Cobble Hill. I’ve eaten at this Jewish deli a couple of times in the past month and I have yet to be disappointed. Their pastrami sandwich is stacked with meat and their bagels are perfectly chewy. Not to mention, the employee at the register has a way of using his wit to make you feel welcomed.

Favorite NYC Place of the Month: Green-Wood Cemetery

For the past few years, I’ve marked the start of every fall with a visit to Green-Wood Cemetery. Founded in 1838, Green-Wood has a long history of providing New Yorkers a calming green space, striking architecture, and surprising history lessons. And a place to honor the lives of their departed loved ones, of course. I recommend taking one of Green-Wood’s many tours or just taking a stroll along its winding paths to admire the fall foliage.

Favorite NYC Video of the Month: Why New York’s World Trade Center Is Still Unfinished (The B1M)

The B1M, a popular construction YouTube channel, recently released a documentary explaining why 2 WTC and 5 WTC are still unfinished. In 32 minutes you’ll learn the reasons behind that and the complicated process of building a skyscraper in New York City.

Favorite NYC Book of the Month: It Was All a Dream: Biggie and the World that Made Him by Justin Tinsley

I know that so many things have been said and written about Biggie Smalls in the quarter century since he passed away, but journalist Justin Tinsley’s biography of Biggie, released this year, tells his story in a manner that I find unique and insightful. Tinsley not only gives an account of this hip hop icon’s life, but he also puts it in context of national and global events. It’ll blow your mind how things you would assume to be world’s removed from each other can end up effecting one person’s life.

Favorite NYC Podcast Episode of the Month: Miss Manhattan (99 Percent Invisible)

Audrey Munson didn’t get a fair break in her lifetime, but I’m glad that there is now renewed interest in her story. If you don’t yet know the story of America’s first supermodel, watch this reel and then listen to this podcast episode from 99 Percent Invisible. It covers Munson’s rise to stardom in early twentieth century NYC and what led to her being locked away until her death at age 104.

I hope this edition of my NYC monthly favorites gave you some useful NYC recommendations and inspiration to experience more of what New York has to offer. I’d appreciate any suggestions for things you think I should check out this coming month.

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