How to Workout Like a New Yorker

Some people may think that city living makes you a soft weakling, but as a lifelong New Yorker I can assure you that is far from the truth. You’ve got to be strong to live in New York City, both mentally and physically. Today, we’ll focus on getting your body New York strong using a few moves from everyday life in NYC.

For your warm-up, you’re going to powerwalk around the block, your tiny apartment, or your backyard if you’re lucky. Remember to act like you’re in a hurry so the blood will really start pumping.

Your first exercise is going to be MetroCard swipes. Pretend like the train you need has pulled into the station and swipe your imaginary MetroCard from back to front in a quick, fluid motion.

Next up, we’re doing Tourist Dodgers. Start off by taking a couple of fast steps and then quickly hop over to the side to dodge the giant crowd of tourists that is suddenly in your way. Do this from side to side, as though you’re trying to get through a mob at Times Square.

Moving on to Skyscrapers! Start off in a squat position and then spring up into the air as though you’re another thousand-foot supertall changing the Midtown skyline.

Your final exercise is Turnstile Jumpers. You’re going to start off in a standing position and then jump as high as you can. Get those knees in the air because it’ll really hurt if you hit that metal bar.

That’s the workout, folks! Now you’re in better shape to tackle that big city life!

Ready to make your mind as New York strong as your body? Check out my article answering All Your Questions About New Yorkers.

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  1. This post could not come at a better time for workout It is definitely an inspiration. For all those who have become couch potatoes Many of us not through any fault of ours are restricted. Because of safe distancing cannot keep our gym membership and, do not think of using what available space we have at home Way to go. This could at a better time.

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